at your side

ItaUp’s commitment, our task, is focused on identifying the objective to be achieved and planning its implementation with efficiency, in synergy with the entrepreneur and his vision.



because we believe in you

For Italian companies to maintain competitiveness in today’s international markets, an ever-increasing commitment is needed. Those companies who want to maintain their roots are required to grow in size in order to flourish, or even to survive.



in an Ethic of Values

Ethics are a reflection of human behavior that distinguishes the true good and the right means to achieve it: a conduct not limited to what is lawful, legally speaking, or to what is politically appropriate.



and in the strength of our team!

Optimizing the results in the analysis and understanding of all the factors that contribute to the success of a company (corporate, market and business continuity).


We transform ideas into concrete goals

The future is in reach

Coming up with ideas is what we do, it’s our intuition. Our ideas project into a future we know is there, but we can’t do it alone; we need you to help us realise concrete goals.


Anchoring ideas to reality to create business opportunities is the key to a great future.